Ridgefield, Washington, United States

(360) 887-6242

From Our Family To Yours

Our LOCAL Warehouse gives your school the very Best Service


Better Service

Unlike other companies your delivery from us comes on our own truck with a dedicated service person. We can even pre-schedule the date and time of your delivery before the start of your sale! Then the day before delivery WE CALL YOUR FAMILIES to remind them to pick up there orders...what other company does that?

The Highest Profits

We offer 40-50% profit to you depending on overall sales volume or if you book multiple programs.

Online Purchasing for Easy Sales

No checkbook handy? Friends and family live out of town? Our online store allows your friends and family to purchase from their computer or phone and pay with credit/debit cards or paypal. Plus you can easily post links on social media giving your even more potential customers.


Meet Our Amazing Crew!

Our team is composed of local friends and family that make our local warehouse possible.

udfundraising.com our online store helps boost your sales


Our Online Shop

The easiest way to support your school is to shop online! From your computer or your phone. Just register, shop and then share via social media, email and texting so family and friends all over the country can support you!


Easiest Way To Raise Money For YOUR school

NO counting money, bad checks or running to the bank

NO short money orders, problem orders and those hard to read orders

NO back and forth problems and getting late orders

Our system easily allows everyone to order online and when your families find out how easy it is to order right from their phone and spread the word via text, don't be surprised to find your next sale being your best ever!